Aug 23, 2013

Airtime-Worthy Quotes from the MUN Debate Today At My School

  • Italy: (after roll-call) Point of information to the Chair - when did Tibet become a country?
  • ---
  • Delegate: (during points of information) Can the honorable delegate of Egypt please explain a democracy in progress?
  • Egypt: ... Egypt is discovering [that].
  • ---
  • Cuba: (during unmoderated caucus, giving pointers to freshman) Did the delegate like that? Yeah? Castro 2013!
  • ---
  • Switzerland: Is the delegate of Iran aware that what she stated is a violation of UN Charter 52, defining intervention (shuffles through literally a BINDER of papers)?
  • (delegate right beside hands him his own fresh copy of the UN charter)
  • ---
  • Egypt: Stop pointing the gun at Egypt! Bloodshed and suffering has occurred in every political transition to date. It doesn't happen overnight.
  • Tibet: Does the honorable delegate agree that bloodshed is necessary for a successful political transition?
  • Egypt: May the Chair request the delegate of Tibet to name a single country that has gained democracy without a single life lost?
  • (room quiets)
  • Tibet: (at last, as Chair is about to speak)... Iceland!
  • (entire room laughs and whistles/claps)
  • Chair: (half-smiling) Clapping is not in order!
  • Those are some gems from my high school's Model United Nations debate. Unfortunately none of these excellent soundbites are moi's since it was her first debate ever, but I highly highly recommend and it was awesomesauce.
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